Compare the Market made the strategic move to open a tech hub in central London to create a stronger proposition for potential employees. As technology is fundamental to the success and growth of their business, it was critical they had a strong pipeline of talent quickly. Jatinder, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager had recently executed a similar plan for Capital One over a 2 year period and was therefore in a great position to lead Compare the Market’s efforts in London.

What were the main problems you were facing in tech recruitment in general before using hackajob?

From my experience at Capital One and seeing the early situation at Compare The Market, it was clear we faced two main challenges: 1) speed to market and 2) consistently receiving a good volume of highly relevant candidates. As the market in London is so competitive, it’s crucial we find partners that allow us to move as quickly as possible with a highly engaged talent pool.

With hackajob, we receive a consistent volume of profiles, and more information from candidates through their profiles, highlighting their strengths through challenges.

Why did you choose and decide to use hackajob over some other options that were available to you at the time, and how do we differ from other options you’ve used in the past?

I had already used hackajob to great success in my previous company so I was very familiar with their proposition. We’ve got a good relationship and hackajob knows my standards, which saves a lot of time. It’s also a very genuine relationship, whereas a lot of other platforms or agencies take the approach of “if we send them enough candidates maybe one will stick”, which is really frustrating as it becomes all about the quantity which in turn reduces the quality.

I did look at other platforms, their costs might have been marginally better, but the main differentiator for me is the high-quality candidates I receive. A focus on speed, curation and quality is why I’ve decided to continue to use hackajob.

By using hackajob, have you managed to reduce the cost of using traditional channels?

Using hackajob has allowed me to quite significantly disengage from using recruitment agencies, which has definitely allowed us to drive down cost. Strategically, I can work with my Account Manager to work through the roles hackajob can definitely fill which allows me to then optimise my internal recruiter’s time to other areas.

There are other benefits of using hackajob that is difficult to put a cost on, for example, a bespoke coding challenge for us to use at events, employer branding and visibility in marketing campaigns. Maybe these aren’t a direct cost but it’s added value and something that I wouldn’t get from an agency or a job board. Our visibility is improved as a result and that makes a much cleaner proposition from a cost perspective. As hackajob can offer all of these various solutions, it effectively becomes an end-to-end recruitment solution for tech hiring.

Without hackajob, we wouldn’t be hitting the numbers we’re currently hitting and that’s a fact.

Even now, if I was to go to another company, there has to be a good case as to why I can’t use hackajob because I’ve seen the value in using it.

If you had to pick the best feature(s) on hackajob for your workflow, what would it be and why?

It has to be the profiles we receive.

We can assign specific roles to hackajob with confidence we’ll find the right candidate.

This is because there is a constant funnel of candidates which makes it easier for me to organise who works on what, how much money to allocate to advertising, etc.

A lot of candidates we receive with hackajob now come from Europe and around the world – we weren’t able to reach them before, but for instance, right now we have someone from the Netherlands we’ve offered. They would have never applied to us and we only would probably have been able to reach half of the candidates we do from a geographical perspective if we weren’t using hackajob.

If there is ever a drop off in candidates I can always reach out to my Account Manager. They actually provide me with information I wouldn’t have known otherwise, for example they shared data with me the other day that node.js is probably the most competitive backend language in the market at the moment, which is great because it helps me to validate future plans.

How would you summarise your experience of working with hackajob?

It’s an easy and enjoyable way to work that consistently provides results. Something that is traditionally quite boring is made more exciting and fun as it’s also a quite sociable relationship which I like. There’s never a dull moment or an awkward scenario because I see hackajob as the same way I see my team, it’s been a pleasure and I’m sure it’ll continue this way!


Compare the Market have had some fantastic results while using hackajob, below is a compilation of what they have achieved:

  • 7 hires in 6 weeks
  • £35k saved on agency fees – 97% ROI
  • 75% of matches progressed to interview
  • 50% of F2F Interviews progressed to offer
  • 88% offer acceptance rate

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Article by Hammad Mirza